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Navigating AskOurEinstein

  • The Home Page

    • General Message

  • Setting up Your Account

    • Creating an Account

    • Logging in

  • Managing Your Account

    • Change Picture

    • My Proflie

    • My Dashboard

    • Banking Information

    • My Availability

    • My Schedule and Status


  • Important Notes on the Canceled, Re-Scheduled and Completed Status

  • Payment Process

  • Quick start for Selecting a Tutor and scheduling your lesson

  • Policy for Cancelling or Re-scheduling a Lesson (As provided in the students’ manual)

  • Providing Your Feedback

  • Rating Instructors (As provided in the students’ manual)

  • Disputes (As provided in the students’ manual)

Question and Answer

  • Receiving a Question

  • Providing the quotation

  • Answering the question

  • Responding to disputes

  • How the Question and Answer session gets closed

  • Receiving payment

Professional Development Courses

  • Setting up a Course

  • Payment Process

  • Providing Your Feedback

  • Rating Instructors

Navigating AskOurEinstein

The Home Page

General Message

The home page has limited functionality for the tutor. It is provided so that the tutor has an awareness of the tools available to the student for selecting a tutor and scheduling a lesson.

As a tutor you will be able to follow along with the initial steps for selecting a tutor but you will eventually come to a point where the further progress is blocked and will see a screen as shown below.

For a detailed description of the functions and features available to students please see the Students Manual.

Setting up an Account

Creating an Account

Click on the Log in/Create an account button.

Select Create an Account


Choose Tutor/Expert and fill out the required information and agree to the terms and conditions. Specific areas of interest

Type of User:

        Tutor: Tutors and answers questions in their area of specialty.

        Expert: Tutors and answers questions.  Teaches course curriculum and holds professional development seminars in their area of specialty.


Choose the courses that you are interested in AND are skilled to tutor. Next, enter in the 6 character code and read and agree to the terms and conditions.



You will then be taken to a welcome screen and will be requested to provide information supporting your skillset in the subjects you have chosed to tutor. Additionally, you will be requested to complete the setup process..

The next step is for you to complete the getting started checklist


About You: Enter personal info that helps students relate to you (e.g. hobbies,  passions, etc...).  Include things that make you unique or that you want to share with prospective students to make them interested in selecting you.

Lesson Price: cost per 1/2hour teaching

Contact No: your phone number.

Gender: Male or Female

Date of Birth

State: State of residence

Description: This information shows up in your profile.  Enter your professional credentials (e.g. resume, experience teaching, professional accomplishments etc…).

You are now logged in at this point and can manage your account.

Logging In

For future logins, once you have created an account, just click on the Log-in/Create an account button on the top menu and enter in your login credentials.

Managing Your Account

You will have 6 features of your account to manage

1.) Change Picture

2.) My Proflie

3.) My Dashboard

4.) Banking Information

5.) My Availability

6.) My Schedule and Status


Change Picture

Click on this box to upload a picture of yourself for prospective students. Choose a professional picture easily taken with a cell phone or standard digital camera. Prospective students will consider a number of things for the tutor they want to work with and one of the first things they will see is your picture. It was Confucius who said “A picture is worth a thousand words” so use your words wisely.

My Profile

Profile Details and Contact Information: This info was provided during the registration and getting started steps. You can edit this information here whenever necessary.


Lesson Price: This info was provided during the getting started section. The base rate for a 30 minute tutoring session is included but you can now add in any discounted pricing for sessions in excess of 30 minutes.

Specialization, Description and About Me: This info was also provided by you during the registration and getting started sections. Edit here as necessary.

Change Password: Update your password when necessary.

Click Save to save your changes.

My Dashboard

This is a very important section that you should view regularly. Your dashboard contains Tips for Tutors, FAQ and a summary of your reviews from your students.

In the Tips for Tutoring section, you will find communication from AOE administrative staff, other tutors and informative tools that can help you to be more effective in your teaching endeavors. Here you will also be notified for any changes or additions in the terms and conditions and privacy policy

The FAQ section will list some of the more popular question asked and will provide a link to all of the FAQ’s.

Finally, you will complete a list of reviews from your students. Review these with an open mind as to ways to improve your effectiveness.

Banking Information

This section is where you provide your banking information. AOE will use this to transfer funds to your account once a lesson has been completed. Payment is made weekly. Please make sure to provide accurate information in this section so your funds can be delivered to you in the shortest time possible. Note: If you prefer a different method of payment, other options exist so please make this know to AOE administration (askoureinstein@gmail.com).

My Availability

To define your availability to tutor a lesson first click on the + sign for the date you want to select.

Next, define your availability per the table below.

Selecting reset clears the window information and submit sends it to your availability calendar.

The availability schedule is one of the key tools that you will use to communicate with new or current students. It will tell them what class you are teaching, when and for how long. They will make decisions based on this. When they choose you and then select the time for the class based on your availability and then make payment, they will then have booked the class. So it is IMPERATIVE that you update your availability on a regular basis to ensure its accuracy.

Once the time slot is booked, it is highly recommended that you contact new students directly via their email or phone and confirm the class schedule and timing and the method of communication. Please identify the method of communication (e.g. Skype, google, other…) to make sure they get setup before the training session began. Remember you can set the stage with your potential students by talking with them directly, introducing yourselves and setting them at ease with the process by confirming the date/time for the lesson and the communication method. You also have an opportunity to develop a rapport and find out about how they like to learn and even talk with them about your teaching style. Please make the most of the opportunity to first meet your students.

Once the lesson is booked then you will see it on your schedule as booked…

My Schedule and Status

The My Schedule and Status must be maintained properly. When you access this section, the first thing you will see is a listing of lessons booked and other details for the lesson. There will be an “About Student” button that once clicked will show you information that the student has decided to share about themselves. You will also see a Status which you as the tutor have some control over.

You access this control by clicking on the View Detail button which will bring you to the screen below where you can edit the Booking Status.

The Booking Status has several categories which are described in detail below.

Pending - class has been scheduled but not yet completed

Tutor Cancelled – The tutor cancelled the course. Our tutors are required to, if at all possible, give 24 hours notice if they have to cancel a lesson.

Student Cancelled- Student cancelled the course and provided 24 hours advance notice.

Tutor Rescheduled-Tutor rescheduled the lesson. Our tutors are required to, if at all possible, give 24 hours notice if they have to reschedule a lesson.

Student Rescheduled- Student rescheduled the lesson and provided 24 hours advance notice.

Tutor Absent-Tutor was a no show for a lesson. Our tutors are required to be punctual and AskOurEinstein will follow up directly with our tutors for lack a lack of punctuality or for missing a lesson.

Student Absent-Student did not attend the lesson and did not provide 24 hours advance notice

Completed-Lesson was completed

Important Notes on Canceled, Re-Scheduled and Completed Status

AOE’s policy is that lessons that are re-scheduled or cancelled by students must be done 24 hours before the lesson date in order for the student to receive a full refund or credit for the lesson.

Students have the ability to cancel classes and upon doing so, an email will be sent to the tutor. The email will have a time and date stamp which can be used to determine if the 24 hour time period has been exceeded or not.

Upon receiving the email, the tutor should update the Booking Status accordingly. Note: the student is able to view the booking status and if it is inconsistent with their understanding then they are encouraged to contact the tutor. If the 24 hour grace period has not been exceeded and a student cancels or reschedules a class then the tutor is obliged to enter in the Student Cancelled or Student Rescheduled status. Otherwise the Student Absence status should be used. Note: the website also tracks this 24 hour period and provides a warning to the student if he intends to cancel a class within 24 hours of the scheduled date.

Once a lesson is completed, the tutor will indicate as such and the student will be notified via email. The student has a grace period of 24 hours to report to the tutor any inaccuracy in this status.

Payment Process

Once we place a student with you and you start teaching, we will automatically deduct our service fee from your earnings and remit the balance to you each week. Our fee decreases over time so the more lessons you teach a student, the more you'll earn for teaching that student (up to 90% of the student's lesson price). The rate schedule is as follows:

65% - First 5 lessons

75% - 6-10 lessons

85% - 11-15 lessons

90% - > 16 lessons

Partners in the AskOurEinstein marketplace are paid weekly via direct deposit for all lessons marked as Completed or Student Absent within a given pay period. Lessons marked by 11:59PM on Friday of a given week will be paid out on Friday of the following week. Lessons MUST be marked by the 11:59PM deadline in order to qualify for the upcoming payment. There are no exceptions for lessons marked late.

In general, payments are made via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), meaning the payment will be electronically deposited into your account. Payments to tutors may also be done via paypal or credit card.

These payment plans may be adjusted in which case the tutor/expert will be given 1 week notice and said information will be published in the My Dashboard section. Adjustments will not be retroactive without consent from the student.

Policy for Cancelling or Re-scheduling a Lesson (As provided in the Students manual)

AskOurEinstein recognizes that your time and our tutor’s time is valuable. When a lesson is booked, both you and the tutor have entered into a commitment.

 If a student needs to cancel a class, the student must communicate this to the tutor with 24 hours advance notice in order to receive a full refund.

If a student needs to reschedule a lesson, the student must communicate this to the tutor with 24 hours advance notice to receive a credit for the money spent for the lesson.

All credits will be transferred back to the students’ credit card or paypal account depending on the payment method.


Providing Your Feedback

AskOurEinstein encourages you to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns about our website or services. We sincerely believe in improving our organization and only through constructive feedback from you will we be able to do this most effectively. AskOurEinstein commits to responding to your email within 24 hours.

On the home page you will find a Contact Us link on the top and bottom of the page.

Rating Instructors (As provided in the students manual)

After a lesson or professional development course, students will be asked to rate their instructor. Please consider their comments as a way to improve your service.

Disputes (As provided in the students’ manual)

While AskOurEinstein expects that disputes will rarely occur, we nevertheless realize that there may be times when miscommunication occurs or when expectations are not met. If there are questions about a lesson schedule or delivery of a lesson, AskOurEinstein requests that students contact you, their tutor, first via email or phone (if provided). If concerns or issues are not resolved then they are encouraged to contact AskOurEinstein via the Conact Us link. AskOurEinstein commits to responding to emails within 24 hours.

Question and Answer

Receiving a Question

When a customer wants a question answered, he selects the option from the appropriate area (see Student Manual – Question and Answer), selects a category for the question, defines when he needs the question answered and then submits the question. The question is then routed to all experts in the same category as the question.

Providing the quotation

After receiving the question, the expert must assess the effort needed to answer the question and provide a quotation that includes a cost and commitment to provide the answer by the date required by the customer. The quotation is selected by pressing on the Send Quote button as shown on the image below.

The tutor will then provide a quotation that is sent to the student.

Answering the question

The student receives the quotation (possibly from several experts) and decides whether to reject quotes. The student however can only accept one quote. If your quote is accepted then you will receive a message indicating this. You will also see the action Answer Question in your Question and Answer tab (under More). You are now required to provide the answer by the requested date.


Click on Answer Question and send in your completed answer to the student.

Responding to disputes

A dispute occurs if the student believes the answer provided is in error. You will receive a message and an update in the question and answer tab as shown below.

The student has 24 hours to dispute the answer provided and must provide justification for doing so. The expert who answered the question will receive notification that the question is disputed and the justification. The expert must then provide additional information that confirms the answer provided, and this must be done within 24 hours. Click on the Respond to Dispute button and complete and send the response.

The AOE administrator will receive a similar notification that the answer has been disputed and will track the process. The AOE administrator will ultimately decide to accept or reject the dispute. If the dispute is rejected then the question and answer session is closed and the tutor will receive payment for the answer provided. If accepted then the question and answer session is closed and the student will be refunded the fee paid for the question and answer session.

How the Question and Answer session gets closed

A question and answer session is closed in 1 of 3 ways.

  • 24 hours has passed in which there is no dispute

  • AOE has accepted a dispute and refunded fees back to the student

  • AOE has rejected a dispute

You will see the window below when a session is closed.

Receiving payment

AOE will deposit funds associated with the question and answer session in to the experts account (credit card or paypal) usually within 24 hours:

  • After the question is closed due to the 24 hour passing time period

  • After a dispute has been rejected.

Personal Development Courses

Setting up a Course

All professional development courses must be setup by you and approved by the AOE administration. Go to the More tab and drop down to Professional Development Course and complete the window below to setup a course

You will see the status of a course (whether approved or rejected). Once approved, students can sign up for the course in the same way they sign up for tutoring sessions. You are required to notify students within 24 hours if a course is cancelled due to insufficient head count. The same cancellation policy as for tutoring applies.

Payment Process – Same as for tutoring

Providing Your Feedback – Same as for tutoring

Rating Instructors– Same as for tutoring