Tutor FAQ


What price do I charge for lessons?

Pricing is generally up to you! You may want to check out how much other teachers are charging for lessons if you're trying to get an idea for where to start. You have complete control of pricing your lessons based on lesson type and duration. You establish your pricing in the My Profile page. You also set up your tutoring session schedule in the Scheduling page in your account

Please note that if you set your prices lower than the average, the possibility of getting new students may fluctuate, since students often associate price with quality. If you set your prices slightly higher than the average it may increase the possibility of being assigned more committed students. A recommended minimum is $15/half hour.  Remember, a small portion of the lesson price you set will be absorbed by AskOurEinstein to cover administrative and marketing costs.

What are some of the guidelines for Tutors/Experts?

  • As a Provider, you are required to:
    • Let AskOurEinstein handle the billing for all lessons (initial and subsequent lessons) for all students provided by AskOurEinstein, for as long as you work with them
    • Maintain accurate information regarding availability and services offered
    • Render services at the rate established at the time of booking
    • Honor scheduling policies established by and used as a guideline by your students
    • Review and Understand the Tutor and Expert Manuals provided on our website
    • Not possess, use, sell, or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while conducting instruction

  • As a Provider, you are encouraged to:
    • Notify AskOurEinstein if your Student misses more than 3 consecutive lessons in a row
    • Alert AskOurEinstein if your Student is having any trouble with billing that we can assist with

  • You also agree that:
    • Your relationship with us is that of an independent contractor, and nothing in these Guidelines, the Terms and Conditions, or any agreement is intended to, or shall be construed to create a partnership, agency, joint venture, employment or similar relationship between you and us.
    • You are not entitled to any of the benefits that we may make available to our employees, such as group health or life insurance, profit-sharing or retirement benefits.
    • You are not authorized to make any representation, contract, or commitment on our behalf unless specifically requested or authorized by us in writing to do so.
    • You are solely responsible for, and will file, on a timely basis, all tax returns and payments required to be filed with, or made to, any federal, state or local tax authority with respect to the performance of the services and receipt of compensation from us.
    • No part of your compensation will be subject to withholding by us for the payment of any social security, federal, state or any other employee payroll taxes. We will regularly report amounts paid to you by filing Form 1099MISC with the Internal Revenue Service as required by law.
    • You will mark lessons in your AskOurEinstein account after lessons are complete in order to receive payment for those lessons
    • You will observe all anti-harassment and non-discrimination laws in the performance of your services.

Are there any subscription costs?

There are no monthly subscriptions costs for posting your profile on AskOurEinstein and getting started is 100% free. The only service fee we charge is when we deliver a paid student to you who is signed up and ready to take lessons.

Are there any fees?

Once we place a student with you and you start teaching, we will automatically deduct our service fee from your earnings and remit the balance to you each week. Our fee decreases over time so the more lessons you teach a student, the more you'll earn for teaching that student (up to 90% of the student's lesson price).

What is the rate of pay for tutoring?

Your take home pay (per student): 65% for first 5 lessons, 75% for lessons 6-10, 85% for lessons 11-15, 90% for greater than 15 lessons.

The more your students enjoy working with you, the more they will come back or recommend others and the greater your earnings!

When do I get paid for tutoring?

Partners in the AskOurEinstein marketplace are paid weekly via direct deposit for all lessons marked as Completed or Student Absent within a given pay period. Lessons marked by 11:59PM on Friday of a given week will be paid out on Friday of the following week. Lessons MUST be marked by the 11:59PM deadline in order to qualify for the upcoming payment. There are no exceptions for lessons marked late.

All payments are made via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), meaning the payment will be electronically deposited into your account or direct through.

Why do I have to fill out a W-9?

AskOurEinstein Teachers are Independent Contractors

Teachers using AskOurEinstein to attract new students are independent contractors and, as such, are required to complete a W-9 for payment and tax purposes if the total amount earned is $600 or more a year. As a result it is a requirement for all teachers using AskOurEinstein to have a valid US address and Taxpayer Identification Number (i.e: Social Security Number), to ensure you are able to complete this form.

If you are an independent contractor who has earned close to $600 we will notify you through your account and provide instructions for completing the W-9 form. Only teachers who earn more than $600 a year from AskOurEinstein are subject to receive a 1099 form in the mail during tax season.

What are the requirements to join AskOurEinstein? We'd love to work with you. First, make sure you meet these requirements:

  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Have a valid SSN and US bank account so you can receive payments for lessons you teach
  • Have a computer and otherwise be able to teach classes online (Skype, Facebook, google etc…)
  • Able to maintain available teaching hours

How Do I get started?

  • 1 Create an account
  • 2 Build your profile
  • 3 Get new students
  • Everyone interested in joining our marketplace must go through our quick account setup/screening process. Once your profile is listed on our website, we’ll take care of the big-picture marketing.

Why join ask AskOurEinstein?

  • Concentrate on teaching…we take care of the rest.
  • Higher profits commensurate with the number of repeat lessons from your students.
  • Free Teacher Profile. Get access to millions of students who search our site to book lessons with teachers like you. It's 100% risk free with no upfront costs to get going.
  • Mobile Access to Your Lessons AskOurEinstein website is mobile friendly
  • Live Online Lesson Offer private, online video lessons to local or global AskOurEinstein students

How do I create a great profile picture?

  • Parents and students are looking at your profile picture to better understand who you are, and ultimately decide if they want to spend time with you each week. This photo is your best shot at grabbing their attention and making a great first impression. Therefore the profile picture you choose to use matters!
  • Don't worry. You don't need to pay for an expensive headshot. You can easily take a great photo yourself by following these tips:
  • Upload a recent picture that identifies you as the instructor
  • Select a close up picture that clearly shows your full face
  • Don't forget to smile!
      • Pro Tip: Students are looking for instructors who appear friendly, welcoming, and approachable

  • No group photos please; your main profile picture should be of you and you alone
      • Pro Tip: Add group pictures to your profile under the "Photos & Videos" section

  • Use a high-resolution picture that isn't too blurry and has good lighting
  • Find a solid backdrop and avoid busy backgrounds whenever possible
  • If you teach more than one subject pick a neutral picture that does not include an instrument or prop, since that will not apply to all the subjects you offer

Why are great reviews so important?

  • Students need to see 4 to 6 great reviews to feel comfortable booking with a teacher
  • The more great reviews you have, the greater your chances of attracting a new student
  • Did you know that 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? Let’s put that in context: When 10 people visit your AskOurEinstein profile, 8 of them will treat your reviews like a personal recommendation from a mutual friend. That’s powerful!
  • Some of the most successful AskOurEinstein teachers take this approach to reviews.

How do I choose the right teacher?

  • At AskOurEinstein, we know that every student has a unique idea about what makes a teacher qualified, so we give you lots of tools to find the teacher with the exact qualifications that you want. We encourage you to use our search filters and flip through descriptive teacher profiles, read through informative student reviews, and even ask your favorite teachers a few questions before booking. All of these tools are available to help you find the best teacher for your needs.
  • Choose your teacher based on...
  • Experience Level
  • We’ve got teachers with a wide range of experience and expertise so you can find advanced, PhD level teachers as well as great teachers for beginner level students. Every teacher's background and experience are listed on their profile for you to review and decide who has the right qualifications for you.
  • Student Reviews
  • Read about other students’ experiences under the Reviews section of teacher profiles. All teachers who have at least 1 review will have an average star rating and we encourage you to check out the full reviews students have written about their experience. You may learn even more about your potential teacher

What if a teacher asks me to pay him/her directly?

  • Let us know, because that should never happen: Teachers who work with AskOurEinstein should never ask you to pay via cash or check directly, as it goes against their contract. If your teacher asks you to do this, please decline and let us know by emailing info@AskOurEinstein.com or calling (586) 992-6583 to speak with a student counselor. We'll be happy to connect you with a new teacher through AskOurEinstein. Teachers who ask students to pay for their lessons in person (ie not online through AskOurEinstein) are subject to be removed from our platform.