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Navigating AskOurEinstein

  • The Home Page

    • The Top Menu

    • Choosing a Subject

    • The Bottom Menu

  • Setting up Your Account

    • Creating an Account

    • Logging in

  • Managing Your Account

Quick start for Selecting a Tutor and Scheduling Your Lesson

Selecting and Scheduling a Lesson

  • Choosing a Subject

  • Selecting a Tutor

  • Scheduling a Lesson

  • Confirming a Scheduled Lesson

Personal Development Courses

  • Choosing a Course

  • Confirming a Scheduled Lesson

Policy for Cancelling a Lesson or Personal Development Course

Providing Your Feedback

Rating Instructors


The Question and Answer Process

  • Accessing the Question Screen

  • Asking A Question

  • Viewing a Quote

  • Accepting a Quote or Rejecting a Quote(s)

  • Viewing the Answer to Your Question

  • Disputing An Answer

Closing a Question/Answer Session

Navigating AskOurEinstein

The Home Page

The Top Menu

Before logging in, the top menu looks like the image below. Home – the first page that you access in AskOurEinstein is the home page. You will always see the image of Einstein Tutoring: When you click on Tutoring you will see a list of the available courses taught by our experts. When you click on one of these you will then have the opportunity to choose from a list of tutors who can provide lessons in the subject matter. See the section “Selecting and Scheduling a Lesson” for more information. Other Services: AskOurEinstein provides 2 services in addition to the the flagship tutoring service 1.) Our experts teach professional development courses. 2.) Our experts will answer your most challenging questions. Click on either of these options after clicking on “Other Services” to access these features. Please also see the separate student manuals for Professional development and Question and Answer. Contact Us: When you click on this you will be taken to our support screen where you will be able to send an email to AskOurEinstein administration. Contact us for any reason and AskOurEinstein commits to responding to you within 24 hours. The Log-in /Create an account selection will allow first time users to get registered with AskOurEinstein. See more detail in the Setting up Your Account section.

Choosing a Subject

AskOurEinstein provides 2 ways to select a course.

 1.) Click on Tutoring at the top of the home page menu

 2.) Go to “Choose A Subject Of Interest” on the home page (located near the top and at bottom of the page) and click on the drop down arrow. 

Click on the subject of interest and you will have started the process of signing up for lessons. If you prefer a tutor from a given area then you can select the state. Additional detail can be found in the section ‘Selecting and Scheduling a Lesson: Choosing a Subject”

The Bottom Menu

The Bottom Menu provides information about the company AskOurEinstein and the educational industry. You will also find important information for students and tutors including manuals for tutoring, professional development and question and answer, frequently asked questions and information on how to become a member of our team. Additionally you can choose to follow AskOurEinstein on Facebook, google plus or twitter or register to be included on our mailing list.

Setting up an Account

Creating an Account

Click on the Log in/Create an account button.

Select Create an Account

Choose Student and fill out the required information and agree to the terms and conditions.

Check your email and validate your account

Congratulations, you are now registered and can begin your lessons!

Logging In

Once you have created an account. Just click on the Log-in/Create an account button on the top menu and enter in your login credentials.

Managing Your Account

Once you are logged in, the top menu bar will look like the image below.

Click on My Account and you will see the options available to manage your account.

1.) Change Picture

2.) My Proflie

3.) My Booking

4.) My Transaction History

5.) Notification


Change Picture allows you to insert or update your picture or image that identifies you.

My Profile: Update your account information. Please note the About Me section. Here you can enter in additional information about yourself that allows the tutor to better tailor your training sessions.  

My Booking: This area shows the classes you have scheduled and provides a status. See the section “Selecting and Scheduling Lessons” for a complete description of the process for scheduling a tutoring session.

My Transaction History: This area shows a history of your transactions for the services offered by AskOurEinstein.

The Question and Answer section is described in detail in the “Student Manual – Question and Answer”.

Messages: In this area you will find replies from the tutor when after you have sent a message to them. You will also find relevant communication from your Ask Our Einstein representatives.

Quick start for Selecting a Tutor and scheduling your lesson

Choose a subject from the homepage section,

Select from a list of tutors for the subject chosen.

Pick the tutor that is the best fit for you considering their skillset, ratings, costs etc… If you have any questions for a perspective tutor feel free to contact them via email or phone if provided.

Check the tutors schedule to identify available times.

Pick time(s) that are suitable for your schedule

Pay the required fee.

Congratulations, you have booked your lesson.

Check your bookings for confirmation.

Once you have made payment then your class is booked. Expect to hear directly from the tutor within 24 hours to confirm your appointment and to discuss any specific details.

Selecting and Scheduling a Lesson

Choosing a Subject

AskOurEinstein provides 2 ways to select a lesson.

1.) Click on Tutoring at the top of the home page menu

2.) Go to “Choose A Subject Of Interest” on the home page (located near the top and at bottom of the page) and click on the drop down arrow.

You will note that for option 1, the menu begins with major categories and if sub categories exist another window will open up. For example, Academic Tutoring would be a main category and Algebra is a sub category.

Selecting a Tutor

Once you have selected a subject you will be taken to a page that allows you to select a tutor. Here you will see a list of tutors that are trained to provide lessons on the subject of your choosing.

Tutors can be sorted by the price they charge for lessons and by the day of week availability. The list of tutors will also show the average rating the tutor has received from students like yourself.

Tutors profile

Once you click on the profile you will get additional information about the tutor including a complete list of student reviews.

You can send a message to the tutor if you would like to.

Scheduling a Lesson

Build Your Lesson Package

Now that you have made a decision on a tutor, confirm the subject of interest and then Build Your Lesson Package

When building your lesson package, you will need to check the availability of your tutor for tutoring in the subject of interest. Click on the Continue button and a calendar will show up.

Note: you will also see other classes that this tutor teaches.

Select your class by checking the appropriate box and then click on save.

You will now see the timing and cost details of the lesson selected. Make sure to fill in the “Who are these lessons for?” section and then click on OK in the Paypal section to pay for the course.

In the payment screen you will see a summary of the service cost and will have an opportunity to pay via Paypal or by credit card. Complete the necessary information for your choice of payment and click on Pay. Confirm payment at the next screen by clicking on Pay Now.

After making payment your course will be scheduled.

AskOurEinstein will send an email to you confirming this. An example of the email is below and it provides the details of the class as well as a reminder of the cancellation policy (See Policy for Cancelling or Re-scheduling a Lesson).

You can also check My Account and click on My Bookings to confirm your class has been scheduled.

Confirming a Scheduled Lesson

My Bookings

The My bookings selection shows details of the course selected, tutor and provides a status indication. The status is very important and will be described in some detail.

The tutor updates the status section and can choose from the following options

Pending - class has been scheduled but not yet been completed

Tutor Cancelled – The tutor cancelled the course. Our tutors are required to, if at all possible, give 24 hours notice if they have to cancel a lesson.

Student Cancelled- Student cancelled the course and provided 24 hours advance notice.

Tutor Rescheduled-Tutor rescheduled the lesson. Our tutors are required to, if at all possible, give 24 hours notice if they have to reschedule a lesson.

Student Rescheduled- Student rescheduled the lesson and provided 24 hours advance notice.

Tutor Absent-Tutor was a no show for a lesson. Our tutors are required to be punctual and AskOurEinstein will follow up directly with our tutors for lack a lack of punctuality or for missing a lesson. If you have an issue with absenteeism or lack of punctuality from a tutor then AskOurEinstein requests that you notify us directly via the Contact Us section of the website.

Student Absent-Student did not attend the lesson and did not provide 24 hours advance notice

Completed-Lesson was completed

My Transaction History

For every class you have booked, you will see a record of that transaction.

If you cancel a course with at least 24 hours notice then you will receive a credit for the amount paid. The available credit can be used to fund other courses or can be withdrawn at any time by selecting the withdraw button and filling in the amount to be withdrawn.

Personal Development Courses

Choosing a Course

To select the option for Personal Development Courses, go to the main header on the home page and select Other Services. A drop down menu will appear with Personal Development Courses as one of the options. Once you select this option then the available Personal Development Courses will appear.

Choose the course of interest and you will be taken to a registration page showing the details of the course and credentials of the expert teaching the course.

Click the button “Choose The Details For Your personal development” and you will see details of the course and can book the course same as you would a tutoring session.

Confirming a Scheduled Lesson

Process is same as for tutoring.

Policy for Cancelling a Lesson or Personal Development Course

AskOurEinstein recognizes that your time and our tutor/expert’s time is valuable. When a lesson or personal development course is booked, both you and the tutor/expert have entered into an agreement.

If a student needs to cancel a class, the student must communicate this to the tutor/expert with 24 hours advance notice in order to receive a full refund.

All credits will be transferred back to the students account and can be found in the My Transaction History section. The credits can be used for other sessions or withdrawn by making a request. See the My Transaction History section for more information.

Providing Your Feedback

AskOurEinstein encourages you to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns about our website or services. We sincerely believe in improving our organization and through constructive feedback from this will happen most effectively. AskOurEinstein commits to responding to your email within 24 hours.

On the home page you will find a Contact Us link on the top and bottom of the page.

Rating Instructors

In addition to giving general feedback, AskOurEinstein will request that you rate your instructor after a tutoring session or personal development course is complete. This provides the valuable feedback that is needed for our instructors to deliver ever better service.


While AskOurEinstein expects that disputes will rarely occur, we nevertheless realize that there may be times when miscommunication occurs or when expectations are not met. If there are questions about a lesson schedule or delivery of a lesson, AskOurEinstein requests that you contact your tutor first via email or phone. If concerns or issues are not resolved then contact AskOurEinstein via the Conact Us link. AskOurEinstein commits to responding to your email within 24 hours.

AskOurEinstein’s purpose is to provide you with a rewarding educational experience and to deliver high quality, reliable information that is important to you. Our staff of tutors are credentialed and have many years of experience and accomplishments in their field of interest.

The services

AskOurEinstein’s flagship service is tutoring. Our tutors work with you to develop a training plan to ensure your educational goals are met. Their areas of study and education are broad and they can provide tutoring on a diverse range of subjects. WE are STILL GROWING so if there is ever a subject that you want to understand better, let us know and don’t be surprised how quickly we find a way to furnish this need.

AskOurEinstein experts offer professional development courses and seminars on a wide range of topics to enable you to be more productive in your work life.

AskOurEinstein provides a question and answer service. Yes, that is right, if you just have a question and you are not sure you can get a reliable answer from an internet search ,check with our experts. They have the requisite knowledge and will provide you with an answer you can trust.

The Question and Answer Process

Accessing the Question Screen

The question screen can be accessed in one of two ways.

1.) Click on Other Services at the top of the screen and then selecting Question and Answer from the drop down menu.

2.) From the home page, click on My Account which will bring you to a menu of options as shown below.

Select Question and Answer to go to a page that allows you to enter your question. You will also see a list of Active Questions and their corresponding status.

Asking A Question

To ask a question, just fill in Select subject area, when your answer is needed and your question. Note: if you want to include files to help make your question more clear then simply attach them using the available selection. When you have entered the needed information, just press the send button.

Based on the subject selected, your question will be routed only to experts in the subject area.

You will see your question in the Active Questions section and the Status will be “Open”.

Experts will then provide you with a quote for the answer to your question that will be provided by the “When answer is needed date” that you specified.

Viewing A Quote

When an expert(s) responds to your quote, the status in the Active Questions area for that question will be “Quoted” and you will have the option to View Quotes. Click on the View Quotes button to see the quote provide by the expert(s).

You can then accept a single quote or reject one or all quotes. After clicking on the send button the acceptance or rejection message is sent to the experts that quoted. When you accept a quote you will then be taken to the payment screen to pay the quoted amount. You can use paypal or a credit card for payment.

After payment is made, the status of your question will change to “Waiting for Answer”.

Viewing the Answer to Your Question

The expert will then answer your question by the date “When answer is needed”. You will receive a message indicating when the answer has been provided and the status of the question will change to “Answered”.

Disputing an Answer

You have up to 24 hours to review the answer. If you feel it is incorrect then dispute it by clicking on the dispute button below.

You will be requested to provide your reasoning and then click submit.

When a question has been disputed the status will be “Under Review”.

Ask Our Einstein and the expert will review the original answer along with your submitted information and make a final determination on whether the original answer was correct or not. You will receive an email with the decision and a comment in View Answer section.

If the original answer is deemed to be incorrect then you will receive a full refund for the quoted and paid amount. This refund will be reflected in the My Transaction History page.

After the final determination by Ask Our Einstein is made, the Question and Answer session status will be closed.

When a Question and Answer session is closed the status will read “Closed”. The Question and Answer session can be closed in one of two way:.

1.) 24 hours after the question is answered if the answer is not disputed

2.) by admin after a dispute is accepted or rejected

Once a Question and Answer session is closed, it cannot be reopened.